Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Easing Dental Phobia

As specialists in tooth restorations, Dr. Shaw and the staff of the Shoal Creek Prosthodontic Group see many patients who need extensive dental work. Although everything we do is meant to spare patients pain in the long-term, we understand that many people have a fear of the dentist and want to make sure our patients are as comfortable as possible.

We offer oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide to keep patients calm and free of pain while they undergo procedures. These forms of sedation don’t require needles and allow the patient to remain conscious but in a state of deep relaxation or euphoria. They are commonly used during extractions and implant placement. Patients may wish to arrange a signal with the staff prior to undergoing treatment to alert them if they are uncomfortable with a deep cleaning. We also strive to ensure that patients fully understand the treatments we are providing to them and that they are able to maintain their post-op instructions.

Besides fearing a procedure will be painful, patients may also be concerned about having missing teeth while undergoing extensive restorations. In fact, there are usually temporary crowns or immediate dentures available for patients to wear during the healing process. Lastly, for patients who suffer from general anxiety, cognitive behavioral therapy from a psychologist has been proven to be effective at reducing dental phobia.

Frederick Shaw, DDS, operates the Shoal Creek Prosthodontic Group at 1500 W 38th Street, Suite 34, Austin, Texas, 78731. To schedule an appointment, call 512-451-7491 or visit and fill out a contact form.


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