Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Scaling and Root Planing

In its most advanced stages, gum disease can lead to gum recession and even tooth loss.  Dr. Frederick Shaw, DDS and the Shoal Creek Prosthodontic Group want to help you make sure it never gets to that stage.  When sticky bacteria called plaque builds up on a tooth, the gum starts to pull away from the tooth and form a pocket around the buildup.  This only leads to more gum recession.  Scaling and root planing are used to treat this buildup and prevent the later stages of gum disease.

Scaling and root planning are two parts of a deep cleaning procedure your dentist can perform to help repair gums. The procedure begins with scaling, the process of removing plaque from the surface of your teeth all the way down to your gums. This is followed by root planing, which involves minor contouring to smooth the surface of a tooth near the root.  Once the plaque has been removed and the tooth root has been smoothed, the gums that have pulled away have a clean, smooth surface to reattach to.   Local anesthetic is used during this procedure, and your dentist may recommend completing the treatment over a series of appointments. 

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