Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Panorex Imaging

Dr. Shaw’s Shoal Creek Prosthodontic Group in Austin is a high-tech clinic with the most modern devices for examining our patients. Among these is the Panorex. Increasingly popular for observing below-the-gum changes, the Panorex eliminates many of the drawbacks of traditional x-rays.

Older x-rays required the patient to bite down on film while a series of photographs were taken. This could be problematic for someone with a toothache! The Panorex requires only that the patient clench a bite blocker with their front teeth for about twenty seconds. During this time the x-ray emitting slides will rotate around the patient’s head on a pair of robotic arms. The patient’s chin will rest comfortably on a ledge, the height of which can be adjusted.

The Panorex’s image is digital, allowing it to be fed into the software Dr. Shaw uses to predict tooth migration and decay. It provides a 360 degree view, meaning patients don’t need to hold still for multiple photographs of small areas. While the Panorex images are mainly used to see whether jaw bone tissue has receded or is responding well to implants, it can also be used to detect oral cancer and deeply impacted teeth. The larger image from the Panorex means that Dr. Shaw may detect sinus and jaw bone issues, as well.

Frederick Shaw, DDS, operates the Shoal Creek Prosthodontic Group at 1500 West 38th St, Suite 34, Austin, Texas, 78731. To schedule an appointment, call 512-451-7491 or visit and fill out a contact sheet.


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